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The featured monument is made from Jet Black Granite. 
At Pontotoc Monument Company, we specialize in customizing the granite monument chosen by your family with design layout, etching and cutting completed here at our facility. There are no middlemen or highpressure salesmen.  We are here to assist your family in choosing the monument that speaks for you; whether it be a pre-need monument or the loss of a loved one.

The staff at Pontotoc Monument Company are dedicated to providing excellent service and a quality product. We are flexible to work with your specific needs. So why should you choose Pontotoc Monument Company?

* Unparalleled Customer Service
* Industry Expertise
* Guaranteed Quality & Great Value
* Portfolio Of Previous Work
* Satisfied customers in Pontotoc, MS and the surrounding area

At Pontotoc Monument Company we pride ourselves in friendly, efficient, and professional service. Moreover, we strive to maintain the highest customer satisfaction in the monument business. If you have any questions, in regards to granite monument sales, let us know, and we will be glad to answer them.