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Double Monuments

Double Monument pricing begins at $595.00.  Pricing will be determined by shape and size.  Please contact us for any additional information needed. 

Our monuments are ordered per your specifications and are designed by the staff at Pontotoc Monument Company.  We are available to assist you in choosing the memorial for your loved ones. 

Listed below are a few of our more popular sizes with prices including local delivery.  Shipping outside our area is available as well.

42" x 6" x 20"(top) with 54" x 12" x 6"(base) $595.00 

48" x 6" x  20" (Top) with 60" x 12" x 6"(base) $685.00

# 1  Color Etching Double/Companion Monument
#2.  Gray Granite Double/Companion Monument
#3.  Gray Granite Double/Companion Monument
#4.  Flash Black Granite Double/Companion Monument
(2) 10 inch Vases with Black and White Hand Etching
#5.  Gray Granite Flat top Double/Companion
 Monument with (2) 6x6x10 vases
#6.  Flat Oval Double/Companion Monument with 6x10 Granite Vase
#7. Black Granite Double Monument with Granite Foundation Cap
(Front Side)
#7a.  Black Granite Double Monument (Back Side)
#8.  Triple Companion Granite Monument with Turned Granite Vases
#9.  Gray Granite Monument, Oval Center checks on each side
#10.  Mahogany Monument All Polish with 2 Turned Granite Vases
#11.  Double Monument with Cap and 8 x 10 Vase
#12.  Apex top- Gray Monument, all polish with Grecian Fret
and 2 Turned Granite Vases
#13.  Black Companion Monument with 2 Marble Vases
#14.  Gray Double Monument with 2 6x6x10 square vases
#15.  Double Granite Monument Wings
 Pedestal & 8 x 10 Square Vase
#16.  Companion Granite Monument with chamfer Base
and two 6x6x10 vases
#17.  Flash Black Double Monument - Heart Shaped wings,
Pedestal with Turned Granite Vase
#18.  Black - Double Wings - All Polish with Bevel Edges and inset for pedestal with 6x10 Turned Granite Vase.
Black and White Personalized Hand Etching
#19.  Double Gray Granite Monument
#20.  Double Granite Monument in Silver Cloud - Gothic Wings,
8x10 Square Vase, Angel Statues on each end
#20a. Back of Silver Cloud #20
#21.  Black Double Monument, Flat Top All Polish
Polish Margin on the base - Personalized Design
#22.  Gray Double Monument, Polish 2 with 2-8x6x10 square vases.
#23.  Black Double Monument with curved step down on each side.
2- 6x10 Turned Granite Vases.
#24.  Two gray slant monument on a chamfer base 
         with 6x10 turned granite vase.
#25. Double Gray Monument with outdoor scene.
#26. Double Gray Monument with Dogwood/Cross and Masonic Emblem.
#27. Companion Monument in Mahogany Granite.
#28. All Polished Companion Monument in Mahogany Granite.
#29. Gray Granite Double Monument wth outdoor scene. 
#30. Jet Black, All Polished, Bevel/Chamfer faced wings with All Polished Pedestal and Turned Granite Vase.
#31.  Companion/Double Mahogany Granite Monument
with Polished Top.
#32. Companion/Double Jet Black All Polished Monument with 6 x 6 x 10 Granite Vases.
#32a. Full color scene, hand etched on All polished Jet Black Granite.
(Back side of #32.)
#33. Companion/Double Gray Monument
#34. Black Double Monument with Portrait and 2 all polished square vases
#35. Double Gray Granite Monument with sunken family name
#36. Double Gray Monument with center vase cut out
#37. Double Bevel Markers on Chamfer Base, 8x6x10 vase with picture
#38. 4 Foot bench seat with Black Base, Foundation Cap and 2) All polished vases
#38A. Hand Etching on back side of #38.
39.  All Polished Jet Black Double/Companion Monument
with 2 Classic-All Polished 7 x 12 Vases
40.  Gray Polish 2 Double/Companion Monument
with Granite Foundation Cap and 2-6x10 Round Vases
41.  Gray Double Wings with pedestal
and 6 x 10 Round Vase
42.  Ebony Mist Polish 2 Double/Companion Monument
43.  Gray Double/Companion Monument, Polish 2
44.  Gray Double/Companion Granite Monument
with 2 - 6x10 round vases
45.  Gray granite monument, Polish 5
46.  Gray Granite Monument, Polish 2
with 2-6x6x10 Square vases
47. Gray Granite Monument Polish 2
Notched and Core hole for vase
48.  Jet Black Granite, All polish, Double Monument
Base has polished 2" margin
49. Flash Black Granite, All Polished Double/Companion
50. Gray Granite, Polish 2 Double/Companion
monument with outdoor scene
51.  Dakota Granite All Polish, with Chamfer cut in top
2- 6x10 Round vases
52. Gray Granite Polish 2 Companion Monument
with Serpentine Top
53.  Jet Black Granite All Polished
with Polished Margin Base and Foundation Cap
54.  Gray Granite Double Heart Polish 2 with Vase Cutout
and 2)Turned Granite Vases
55.  Jet Black Granite All Polished with 2)Bronze Vases. (Corehole)